About CFI Notebook

For years Certificated Flight Instructors have used paper notebooks to build up their lesson plans from handed down notes, company documentation and purchased study materials. The goal of this website to create a community of CFI's who work together to create concise materials for instruction.


Our philosophy must be clearly defined and referred to as we build.


Our philosophy on reference materials is that the FAA has already written, published and is continuing to maintain the best written documentation for referencing when it comes to [concepts] which will be taught. This project will only write new content in certain where additional brevity or convinience can be achieved.

If the thought being written about is technique in nature, or the opinion of the writer, that may also be a case where we'll generate something new. These distinctions will be clear through the context of the website.


CFI Notebook is intended for use by pilots who are under the jurisdiction of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). All information here references regulation and publication that assumes FAA jurisdiction and ICAO where applicable.


The CFI Notebook Project will refer to assets at their originally hosted location unless some circumstance makes that impertinent.

If an asset is hosted in such a way that caching is not properly utilized, we may host the asset. For example, if a 100MB PDF is not allowing caching, it may try to download to the user's computer or tablet each time it is opened.

If an asset can't be directly linked to reliably, we may host it.

We may host an if an asset is likely to become unavailable in the future.

Hosting large files can become expensive. One primary reason for linking to assets as they exist elsehwere is to save money on bandwidth.