5-P Check


The 5-P Check is a practical way for pilots to understand and practice Single-Pilot Resource Management. Each 'P' is a risk element that consists of a set of challenges and opportunities facing a pilot that can substantially increase or decrease the risk of the flight. The 5-P Check is used to evaluate the pilot's current situation at key decision points during the flight or when an emergency arises. These decision points include preflight, pretakeoff, hourly or at the midpoint of the flight, predescent, and just prior to landing.


Risk Element Description
Plan Cross-country planning, weather, route, fuel, current publications
Plane Mechanical issues, equipment on board, avionics capabilities, performance
Pilot IMSAFE, fatigue, familiarity with aircraft, experience level
Passengers Minimizing distractions, external pressures, using passengers to complete simple tasks
Programming Familiarity with avionics, verifying correct GPS entries, appropriate level of automation


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